2021 Experience: The Best Gaming Mouse

It’s all about comfort and accuracy in gaming. You spend so much time using your mouse that it is worth getting one that feels comfortable to hold and all the features that make life easier in-game and every day.

Do you need more buttons for MMOs with a lot of hotkeys? Do wires frustrate you? You are looking for a light mouse that can be used for competitive gaming? No matter what you’re looking for, there is a gaming mouse to suit you.

We’ve tried dozens of gaming mouse models and narrowed the field to select ones that stand out. The best gaming mouse doesn’t necessarily have to be $200. You can find great budget options that cost less than $50 on this list. If you are looking for new gaming equipment, it is a good idea to pair it with the best keyboard.Best Gaming Mouse

1. Razer Deathadder v2
Razer Deathadder’s shape is great for any hand size and all grip sizes. I have spent hundreds playing games with it, using Photoshop, and surfing the Internet with it. Razer doesn’t change the Deathadder’s form despite years of iterations. There’s no need.

The Deathadder V2 has 20,000 DPI Razer Focus+ optical sensors. Although big numbers do not always equate with quality, these numbers are indicative of high quality. Razer’s new tech provides flawless tracking even if the mouse is moved as fast as you can.

2. Logitech G203 Lightsync
There is much affordable gaming mouse out there that you can trust, but the Logitech G203 Lightsync Gaming Mouse is unbeatable. It is an all-around performer that delivers stable and consistent performance in a stylish package. This mouse is undoubtedly the best gaming mouse on the market today.

This Lightsync now has three-zone RGB lighting, as opposed to the single-zone lighting of the G203 Prodigy. This is a small change but it makes the Lightsync look great and saves you money.

3. Razer Naga Pro
Razer’s Naga Mouse has seen great improvements in both form and function over the years. It is still the best MMO mouse we have ever paid for. The Razer Naga Pro revision is the best: A small, comfortable mouse that has a high-quality sensor and three interchangeable thumb grips. It also features button arrays which are perfect for MOBAs and MMOs.

MOBA array has 6 buttons that are laid out in two rows. This allows you to map multiple abilities but is not overwhelming.

4. Corsair Ironclaw RGB
The Ironclaw mouse is the best for gamers with larger hands. Its design includes a bizarre mix of materials: from matte plastic buttons to the diamond-print, grippy rubber sides to the unique, wavy rubber scroll wheel, but each serves its purpose brilliantly.

Corsair chose to use multiple materials, instead of one, to ensure that the mouse feels comfortable while gliding on your mouse pad. It’s curved and domed to fit comfortably in the right-handed hand and provides the most comfortable grip I’ve ever experienced.

5. Steelseries Sensei 310
The Sensei 310 is an updated version, a Steelseries staple that subtly reinvents a traditional mouse. It needed it. Nearly everything except for the Sensei’s ambidextrous form is brand new. The Sensei can now grip more easily and can withstand a sweaty palm thanks to a new shell made of plastic.

The Sensei 310 can be held in the hand like the old Sensei. It is a great size for gamers with left or right hands looking for a medium-sized ambidextrous keyboard. The Sensei 310 has identical thumb buttons on both the left and right. This is a common problem with the ambidextrous mouse. It can be easy to click the wrong button while gripping your pinky.