Most Downloaded Apps of 2021

It may be a bit surreal to see the 2021 apps that have been downloaded most. 2020 had its fair share. The year saw a lot of events that affected almost every industry and sector, as well as app downloads. This has continued into 2021.

The COVID-19 epidemic has had a huge impact on the most downloaded apps of the year. Marketing isn’t dead. If you want to keep your mobile marketing campaigns going, you need to be aware of which apps are the most popular. It is important to understand your target audience’s online behaviour and the best channels to communicate with them in order to optimize your campaigns.

Top 2021 Most Downloaded Applications

TikTok is the top-rated app of 2021, so it’s not surprising. In April 2018, the app had accumulated over 2 million downloads worldwide. The app was originally considered to be a Gen Z area, but has since seen an influx in new users because of global lockdown.

More people are spending more time at their smartphones and home, and they’re constantly looking for new entertainment options. TikTok’s intelligent algorithm and social media users already love video. This makes it a compelling app that users will find almost impossible to resist.

This time, Facebook was especially helpful for people who wanted to stay in touch and connect.

Facebook is always among the top 10 Apps in both the Apple App Store & Google Play Store. Statista says it is the world’s most downloaded app publisher, according to downloads. Facebook, Instagram Messenger, WhatsApp, and WhatsApp make up the Facebook family. Marketing and advertising on Facebook are important for marketers.

Instagram completes the Facebook family. This app, which allows you to share photos and videos, is a favorite among Gen Z as well as Millennials. Although this app doesn’t like to reveal their stats, it’s safe to assume its popularity and indestructible status in the app store will ensure its continued popularity in 2021.

When it comes to marketing, Instagram is particularly useful. Statista reported that Instagram was used by brands to upload an average of 0.7 photos per day in 2018. There are many ways for marketers to interact with their audience via the app, including Instagram Stories, Instagram Lives and Instagram Stories.

In 2021, many social media apps saw continued downloads. This is an example of staying in touch.

WhatsApp may not be as well-known in the United States but it is the number one messaging app worldwide. Businesses have the opportunity to communicate with their customers and clients through customized messages, special offers, etc. WhatsApp marketing continues to grow and offers many unique marketing opportunities.

The app, together with some video conferencing apps was certainly one of most successful apps over the past year. Zoom reported that it had over 300 million participants per day as of April 2020. The app also received 38 million downloads in January 2021.

This boom can be directly linked to COVID-19. Zoom was chosen by many people around the globe to be their preferred video-conferencing application because they could continue working remotely. Zoom makes it possible to make video calls for business and for keeping in touch.

Snapchat has been downloaded more than 200 million times. This is especially true for young people under 34, especially in the United States.

Snapchat can be used for fun or business. Instant Create allows you to create ads quickly and easily and share them based on where they are located. Snapchat can be useful as a marketing tool.

Facebook Messenger is another popular app and an important player like WhatsApp. Messenger is a popular app in the United States, and will be used by 2.4 billion people in 2021.

Facebook Messenger, just like other apps in this list can be used to communicate with friends and colleagues. You can quickly reach your audience with this app, whether you are sharing photos with your friends or sharing a product or service to followers.