Why Cats Are the Best Pets

Are Cats Good Pets?
I love all animals, including cats and dogs. My family grew up with dogs and I had my first cat around three years ago. While I love dogs and would love to own one, I have discovered that cats are much more affectionate than I initially thought.

People who are cat-people and dog people might not see eye to eye. I have had both dogs and cats and can see that they can be equally as good (or even better) pets. It all depends upon your lifestyle. Contrary to what some dog lovers would like you to believe, cats are as loyal, playful, fun, and affectionate as any dog. Additionally, cats are easier to take care of than dogs.

Cats are generally clean-living animals
Cats spend most of their time grooming, so you’ll rarely need to bathe them. Cats have a better sense of smell than dogs. Cats are more tolerant than dogs and won’t get into fights with skunks. Petting cats will make them feel more comfortable than dogs and other animals because they are so adept at keeping their bodies clean.

Cats are Quiet
Even the loudest and insistent meows are quieter than many barks. Even if your cat is trying to make you mad by giving her more treats, her meow sounds can be adorable. There will be no neighbors complaining about the cat meowing so much. These cute sounds are hard to ignore.

Cats are Low-Maintenance
Kitties are more self-sufficient and independent than most pets, especially dogs. Cats don’t require to be taken out for exercise or bathroom breaks multiple times per day. Dogs don’t have to be trained as well as cats. Cats are also capable of cleaning themselves.

While cats need attention and love just as much like dogs, they do not require as much interaction with dogs. A cat may be content to snuggle up next to you while your work is done, while a dog might require your complete attention. You can also leave cats at home while you’re away and they will be less likely than dogs to cause havoc in your house.

Cats don’t need to be taken outside
Cats don’t need to go outside during the night to clean their litterboxes. Even though it’s not fun to clean the litterbox, it’s still easier and less stressful than walking outside in the dark and carrying around small bags of your pet’s waste until they can be disposed of.

Even though cats are small enough to be able to exercise indoors, they will still enjoy climbing up any vertical walls you provide. Because cats don’t need outside access, they will not track in mud after you have finished mopping.

Cats are super easy to train.
Most kittens will be able to use the litter box from the moment you bring them home. Even cats who were raised as ferals or stray animals will instinctively know how to put their waste in the litter box after using the bathroom. You will only need to show your cat where the litter box is, and then show her how you dig in the litter with your own hands.

Cats protect your home from pests
Mice and rats are usually kept away by just the presence of a cat. However, if a rodent finds its way into your home, your cat’s predator instincts will kick in. Although it may be unpleasant to see the remains of your cat’s hunting wins, it beats the idea of vermin running wild through your home.

Cats are great at finding insects. They can protect your home from houseflies and moths. Ladybugs are unlikely to be a problem for your cat.

Cats Cost Less Than Dogs
The kitten and cat adoption fee is usually lower than for dogs. Additionally, cat food, toys, and other supplies are often cheaper than dogs. Cats are smaller and more expensive than dogs, so they require less care. Vet care for cats is usually less expensive than for dogs.

Cats love toys that are free and usually happy with them. My cats like cardboard boxes and milk jug rings. They also love silicone bracelets, which you can get by donating a few dollars to charities.